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Art, poetry, storytelling.

Creative Prompts
Creative Prompts

A regular stream of prompts in the form of words, visions & intentions – to inspire you to make art – in whatever form it comes. 

Day 226 – Venerate

venerate – /ˈvɛnəreɪt/ –
to regard with great reverence
respect & admiration
tinged with awe
to adore

1 – Unknown
2 – Cho Gi Seok
3 – Consuelo Kanaga
4 – Channi Anand

Day 225 – Coruscant

coruscant – /kɒˈrʌsk(ə)nt/ –
a 15th century latin term for glittering & sparkling
‘to glow with coruscant lifeforce – to be seen as we deeply are…’

Photographs by C. P. Burrows.

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