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Art, poetry, storytelling.

Introduce Your Self
Introduce Your Self

A space to introduce yourself to Mojo Mecca. You may express your intentions for being here, share your interests or perhaps some fun facts. You are so welcome here.

h-ERTH | Nicole
Being cyclic | Womb, Earth, Body
Hi Beloveds - I will introduce and reintroduce myself in phases. Revealing my layers of self as the translations come through me. ... Spirit speaks through me when I am space holding. Thus a facet of my self-practice is serving.... (More)
Greetings, my name is Nicole, I like to paint with earths and plants I forage in the wild , using ancient traditional methods in transforming them into pigments. A mystical connection between subconscious images and symbols and the guidance from... (More)
Hello lovely beings. So happy to have found this platform. I feel very welcomed already. My name is Amber. I am 27 and my pronouns are they/them. I enjoy knitting, violin, journaling, art, and taking care of my two cat... (More)
Hi everyone! Iโ€™m Reilly - Iโ€™m new here. Iโ€™m a Toronto based artist, currently focusing on photography. Iโ€™ll post some of my work for you to check out :) super excited and grateful to be apart of a wholesome branch... (More)