an offering:

*(insert preferred pronoun)

I really wanted everything to be perfect. In the real reality perfection doesn’t exist (tambien tiempo no existe tambien). Nothing is.

give thanks to the heart of
land sky air fire
winds we breathe
the light within
thank you to the heart of cacao
and the protectors of this medicine

to the magia de mundo
where we walk and where spirits do

What is and has been real for me lately:

1. dream space can be a healing space…
I have done inner child meditations, before bed, that have allowed me to interact with my inner child. Specifically the version of Marí that’s a little habichuela (bean) with plaits,wild curious eyes and an open heart. An open heart that was a sponge sopping wet soaked empathic sponge wearing a white turtle neck.

The meditation goes:
closing your eyes and laying on your back for this part is the best and having someone that you loveland trust. Read this several times and guide yourself. You are held.

breathe deeply and letting your tightness in your body relax because you are supported. Estas sanando (You are healing).
You are healing so such so that your body is safely floating on waves because you are in the ocean. if this terrifies you, breathe deeper and with each breath little fragments of your infinite spirit creates an energy orb around. You are in a spacious energy orb. With this breath you attune to the winds. It is a propelling motion towards the shore. if you are floating, you gently make your way to your belly and begin swimming. The sweet kisses of the breeze is your affirmation.
Guided and held you make your way to the shore.

find your breath. ah there it is.

You see a child and if you are blind you feel a presence/you hear someone breathing.
The child is in sitting in a woven chair.

Intertwined and supportively married together they hold the child.

The energy feels familiar because that person near you, that child you see is you. It is your child self at the age you would imagine your inner child. you do the things that things that make sense for you. You ask for consent to touch her*

Sticky as a spider web there is a connection FORMED your mind’s eye to hers* and from your heart to hers*

everything you needed to tell her is instantly downloaded.
the affirmations
the patience
the acknowledgement
the compassion
the courage
the sovereignty

are all felt, seen, heard and advantageously experienced.

she shows you a color (what ever color come to you in this moment is the color)

this color highly your body and if you made your way to the short in an orb, the orb is now that color.
if you swam, your body if is that color.

feel the sensation of the floor and air where you are.
remember your body.
you are held. you are healing. you are supported.

you are now now back in your body and with each breath you download you an affirmation you shared with your inner child.

each challenge in your days is a time you when you remember your affirmation/message to your inner child.

you are held. you are supported. you are healing.

I, (the first time) ran to little Marí and asked if I could hold her hand or give her a hug when she said yes I DID JUST THAT. I noticed that she had little marks, cuts and some sores so I cleansed them, said some “cura curas” (I made up a song just for this!) rubbed her, put oil on her skin/salve on her skin and just held her.

estoy sanando, y pues estamos sanando.

#sanamamitasana #marí #marialma