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Creative Prompts
Creative Prompts

A regular stream of prompts in the form of words, visions & intentions – to inspire you to make art – in whatever form it comes. 

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Day 325 – Fulfilled

So they tread at last
the warm white path
of velvet moonflowers
to the Land of Dreams
– D.W. Griffith.

All art sources unknown.

Day 324 – Arms

Visualise your arms extending out like branches
Entwining with all that is natural & good
Metamorphosing into…

1 – Ezra Pound
2 – Malignanttoast
3 – Edith Rimmington
4 – Asako Eguchi

Day 323 – Memory "Someone will remember us, I say, even in another time…" – Fragments of Sappho, circa 630 - 580 BC. Pull a memory from your inner treasure chest. Write about it… Art: 1 – Hugh Douglas Hamilton... (More)
Day 322 – Drift Sail away melt into the ocean Contour your body around sand & stone Drift in a sun-drenched haze… Art: 1 2 & 4 – Unknown 3 – Judy Dater 5 – Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)... (More)