I come to this space raw and open. I feel vulnerable as I've been hiding away for some time from social medias. Instagram was a huge crux of my reclusiveness this last year for a multitude of reasons. feelings of being "watched" which triggered major privacy walls after a time when I was excited to share my thoughts , insights and messages that would come through for me , to then being brought to a time in my life where i was surrounded by a lot more humans than i was used to because of the relationship i've been in. Many of the relationships birthed from my current romantic relationship have blossomed and fulfilled me beautifully and i am endlessly thankful for them but there were some that were exponentially draining which drove me further from sharing like i couldn't share my deepest thoughts and feelings because i didn't feel i had the privacy my soul truly needed. so working through these fears and confusions that can also be perpetuated by the linear display of social platforms & stifles the many waves and repeated cycles we're bound to go through as we are releasing old patterns or habits has led me on and on to a point where I have finally had the courage to address certain boundary issues within my relationships so that I can freely express from within my own inner world and come out of this deep season of unraveling and relearning what i'm really out here wanting to share and openly become. Ever since coming across this platform I've been wanting to share myself in some way because i knew if i could be safe anywhere , social platform related , it would be in this space. though all of the blockages I allowed into my energy reservoir kept messages from flowing until now , even a simple hello my name is... Which is Grace <3 i also go by grey.
I am releasing and taking the step toward raw expression that I am so deeply being called to do. I love dance , making art and poetry and hope to be a flowing channel of creation and connection in this life.
if this all seems scattered , its because i am a little bit haha. (working on not apologizing for these things) and working on grounding myself in the now so as my future unfolds , i may revel in the beauty i'd have created each day.
Thank you to anyone that reads this , I'm very glad to be in this space with such beautiful and inspiring individuals.
i don't know if this was too personal for an opening post ha it's been a while and this is what brought me here other than by divine intervention so blessings to you all , i look forward to engaging and taking part in honoring this space with the magick it's calling in .:.:. aho