Hello! I'm Natalie Ross, an artist, lover of life, producer, business owner, gardener, magic maker, and so much more.

I am moved by the warmth of the evening light streaming through leaves to dance as dappled shadows.

I live in California, land of the Ohlone people, not far from ancient redwoods.

Every morning I tend my garden, and I love watching flowers sway in the breeze. Plants are my people.

I run an intuitive and magical business called Earth Speak. We have a podcast, community, and school.

I'm 37 and can say that life has only gotten better with time and age.

I've chosen not to have kids. I just never wanted them, and I've recently been able to drop internal pressure I was carrying around society's and my family's expectations for me as a female bodied person of child bearing age.

All questions and insights are welcome! I love to connect.

These pics are of me and my garden and my ugly pug shirt that I love and symbolizes me not taking myself so seriously... 😜

Hello! 🌈🌻🌈